Wednesday, April 8, 2009

tagged dri nazura:D

5 things in ma bag ;
handphone,wallet,lip ice,pape je yg pnting..

5 thing in ma wallet ;
i.c,lesen,ma picture,ma mom picture, n money smstinya..

5 favourite things in ma bedroom ;
bed,bed,bed,bed n bntal plokku..hihihi:D

5 things i wish to do ;
bnyk sgt ar..5 are not enough...

5 things i'm doing now ;
texting,ym-ing,jwb tagged,tgk gamba,myspace-ing

5 people i would like to tag ;
ima-alia-mimie-atiqah anis-abidah
(suke atie nk uat ke tak-tiada paksaan scara fizikal mhupown mental..hahha:))

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