Saturday, September 8, 2012

welcoming new sem:)

hyee bloggers and my silent readers:)
doing great haa? hope so ya!

hey hey..
my classess for a new sem will be started on dis monday!
whatt?!why so fast ha time flies?urghh so many why and what.
okay!cukup mrungut then. follow the flow.
blaja slagi boley and kutip ilmu tu niat keranaNYA:)

hope i can maintain my result,
and reach to the top yaww,insyaALLAH.
do pray for me kawan2 skalian!need that of cozz.
need to settle a little bit bout my course rgstration dis monday,
and hope everything doing well lahh kan.
dh sparuh jln ni ha,
harap2 takde yg tersngkut and grad on tyme!

WELCOME new sew:)
be nice okay,sy tak mau nangis lagi.
slamat blajar kembali kawan2 seangkatan!!
all da best!love yaa<3 p="p">

PS:sy neves ble mak awk ckp pasal 'kita' dan moga mak awk cepat sembuh k:)
PSS:aishah,u make me more nervous okay after our cnverstion jus now !!
PSS:ALLAH,please show me da right way.

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