Tuesday, January 31, 2012


ape kabar semua?hope u olls doing well!

entri kli ni beremosi cket.
yes! i'm a little bit sad rite now..
but need to stay strong because there is always HIKMAH behind all this.

hey you,
i hope u are fine there!
for sure, we have made a decision for our own sake,
and ya! now u are my friend, dear (:
there's nothing much to say.
just believe in HIM okay!
insyaALLAH org2 dolu pnh ckp;
"kalau ada jodoh tak kemana kan?!"

YES, if we are created for each other..
no matter what,we will be together either soon or later:)
HE knows everything and we as hambaNYA, need to pray for the best!

thanks for reading guys.


.momo. said...

alolo sedihnye die :) be strong k ? ape pun kwnkwn salu ade untk ko :)

duniaku said...

i'm strong!HEHE:)
thanks ya!

.momo. said...

welcie :) ngan gigi besi tu ak tau ko kuat !! HAHAHA